UX/UI Design

Concept Fortune Telling App

Based on a magic 8 ball foundational front-end development project, I wanted to explore a more fortune telling themed Crystal Ball app.

The concept for the crystal ball required more mystical themed answers instead of the normal answers in the magic 8 ball toy. So I wrote 20 fortunes based on Tarot and other fortune telling methods and changed the language to focus on “the spirits” as the answering persona.

Brand Design:

  • The style guide for the brand design focuses on
    • headers with a carnival style font
    • handwritten style font for the answers or typed questions from the user
    • color palette themed with mystical purples and pinks and a muted yellow to resemble old paper

Intended Audience:

  • Users with undecided life paths or seeking answers for big life questions, or otherwise play (much like the original 8 ball toy).

Inclusive Features based on the user testing on the wireframe prototype:

  • ADA compliant color combinations for screen readers
  • Optional question section for users to enter their questions
  • Clear button and interactive design elements
  • Making sure there is a submit button icon after typing the user question

The final high fidelity prototype shows the brand identity and simplified carnival-inspired fortune telling design.